Thursday, March 6, 2008

Interests to Pursue in 2008

I like to keep a running list of interests to research and endeavors to pursue. I add to this list constantly and cross items off as I feel I have exhausted them for the time being, or they are no longer interesting. I reflect on my list in December and January, mostly due to the amount of time spent indoors, and try to prioritize it for the upcoming year. It is already March and I have been doing some research on the topics listed below. As you can see from some of the areas of study...I am focused on the little one in my womb. My formal studies were centered on public health and this is always a topic of interest to me. I don't list it since it is a constant. In no particular order:

  • cake decorating
  • cloth diapering
  • organic gardening
  • homemade baby food
  • whole foods cooking
  • baking bread: flour mill, bread machine
  • organizing
  • crafts to make
  • money making tools/adventures

What interests are you pursuing in this season of your life...or do you have any great links to any of the items I am looking into?

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Mrs. Wilt said...

Mrs. Byers,
I have taken the Wilton cake decorating courses through Michaels' craft store, and they are wonderful! Just the first course teaches you all the basics you need to know. I would totally recommend them to you!

Best wishes with your pursuits! :o)