Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back in the saddle...somewhat

I've not been blogging for a few days(more like a week) for a number of reasons, but most importantly because I am working at getting some more order and organization in place here in Central Pennsylvania! I have a lot of "projects" in my mind and on paper, and even in a few piles around the house. They have just been cluttering up workspace and taking my brain cells away when I need them to focus on other matters. So, in order to garner some more organization and empty out a couple of cranium compartments I need for future matters I have been reading, but not posting. I must warn you...this can be dangerous, because you find NEW ideas! With hindsight being what it is I may have been better off posting and not reading. However, I have been much encouraged to get back to the task as many of my blogland acquaintances have been focusing on time management, "stuff management," and creating homes filled with the fragrance of Christ. It is like they just KNEW I needed to read about all that this week, OK...confession time, the last three weeks ;0) Not that anyone is really so interested, but for the last four days I have accomplished more than I did in a whole week previously. I have really felt better doing it all too! I know some of you will say "She is just nesting." But ladies, seriously, I am only 17 weeks along here!
As well, I have been working through my little decorating conundrum. I want to add a little sophistication to our living room and bedroom, but have very little to spend out of pocket. Time will tell what this little mind will come up with. For now, I have been encouraged that things aren't really as bad as I might have first thought. Right away, I realized I really love my eat-in kitchen. We spend a lot of time in this room, schooling, eating, cooking, baking, coloring, play-dohing, coloring, card making etc. It is nice and bright in the morning and cheery throughout the day. I am also not concerned about anything getting ruined in here since everything is already paint-chipped or well worn...in a good way. One room down, five to go in our six room abode. Kids rooms, they love them, flowers in one and blue camo in the other, check and check. Three down, three to go. Bathroom, not much to do in here except maybe make a new shower curtain. I love the one we have, but it is getting a little worn after five years and three moves. So, maybe a new curtain, and two rooms to go. I am left with the master bedroom, and the living room...not so overwhelming now! I feel so much better. I also noticed, something I knew in the cobwebbed places of my mind, that I have some amount of red and green in every room save the blue camo bedroom. This should help in coordinating as well as create a flow throughout the home. Isn't this what those fancy-shmancy decorators recommend? I think I have one more week of brain, paper, and pile focus and then on to the creative pursuits I love: crafting, baking, sewing, decorating, and posting! Look for something fun and exciting next Friday...or sooner if I can manage it in.

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