Friday, March 28, 2008

While I was away...

While I was away from blogging I planned to clear out the clutter in my house and my mind. I have not accomplished all that I wanted to, though I did make a dent in both. I ran into every single crafty, creative person I know in this town since I made the decision to stop gaining in the idea arena...why is that??? It did keep me motivated to meet a few goals so that I was able to accomplish a lot on my list each day and have time for some crafty reprieve in the coming weeks. One thing that will help greatly in this process is to take an hour or two each week by myself to get it all down on paper and create an actual hardcopy plan of action. This was suggested here by Crystal in her book review of Getting More Done in Less Time. Read the comments for more insight. Due to my husband's busy work schedule right now, it may mean getting up an hour or two earlier one day each week. I think it will be more than worth missing some sleep.

I have come to realize something else about myself in this process as well. Not something entirely new, but a new connection of two realizations I suppose. You know how some people only see the big picture, can come up with lots of ideas but no idea how to get from point A to point B, and others only see the details, having lots of difficulty coming up with a creative idea but go crazy with it once someone sends them in the right direction? Well, I am one of those people who can see the big picture and the detailed steps to get there, and get lost somewhere in the middle. I have taken an honest look at what is behind all of this and think it is a combination of self-discipline and fear of failure. Anyone with any insight, please feel free to chime in! I have the ideas, I have the tools/supplies, and then...I stop, or procrastinate, without completing the task or taking much longer than needed. We have been covering diligence here in the home with the littles and I think I need a heavy dose of training myself!

Diligence: constantly in effort to accomplish something; attentively and persistently doing anything; done or pursued with persevering attention; painstakingly

Truth be told, when something is painstaking for me (like facing the fear of failure) I don't run toward it with persistence or pursue it. What if somebody doesn't like the window "mis-treatment" I am going to post later, or thinks my "I love chocolate" basket for the silent auction in lacking in some way? It is so easy for me to tell the children: "Just work through it. Take your time and keep plugging along." and then praise their efforts in the end. Why do I not think my father in heaven is any less pleased with me when I put my best effort into something? Who else am I really trying to please anyway? This whole leading by living out the example can really throw a wrench in one's complacency!
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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Back in the saddle...somewhat

I've not been blogging for a few days(more like a week) for a number of reasons, but most importantly because I am working at getting some more order and organization in place here in Central Pennsylvania! I have a lot of "projects" in my mind and on paper, and even in a few piles around the house. They have just been cluttering up workspace and taking my brain cells away when I need them to focus on other matters. So, in order to garner some more organization and empty out a couple of cranium compartments I need for future matters I have been reading, but not posting. I must warn you...this can be dangerous, because you find NEW ideas! With hindsight being what it is I may have been better off posting and not reading. However, I have been much encouraged to get back to the task as many of my blogland acquaintances have been focusing on time management, "stuff management," and creating homes filled with the fragrance of Christ. It is like they just KNEW I needed to read about all that this week, OK...confession time, the last three weeks ;0) Not that anyone is really so interested, but for the last four days I have accomplished more than I did in a whole week previously. I have really felt better doing it all too! I know some of you will say "She is just nesting." But ladies, seriously, I am only 17 weeks along here!
As well, I have been working through my little decorating conundrum. I want to add a little sophistication to our living room and bedroom, but have very little to spend out of pocket. Time will tell what this little mind will come up with. For now, I have been encouraged that things aren't really as bad as I might have first thought. Right away, I realized I really love my eat-in kitchen. We spend a lot of time in this room, schooling, eating, cooking, baking, coloring, play-dohing, coloring, card making etc. It is nice and bright in the morning and cheery throughout the day. I am also not concerned about anything getting ruined in here since everything is already paint-chipped or well a good way. One room down, five to go in our six room abode. Kids rooms, they love them, flowers in one and blue camo in the other, check and check. Three down, three to go. Bathroom, not much to do in here except maybe make a new shower curtain. I love the one we have, but it is getting a little worn after five years and three moves. So, maybe a new curtain, and two rooms to go. I am left with the master bedroom, and the living room...not so overwhelming now! I feel so much better. I also noticed, something I knew in the cobwebbed places of my mind, that I have some amount of red and green in every room save the blue camo bedroom. This should help in coordinating as well as create a flow throughout the home. Isn't this what those fancy-shmancy decorators recommend? I think I have one more week of brain, paper, and pile focus and then on to the creative pursuits I love: crafting, baking, sewing, decorating, and posting! Look for something fun and exciting next Friday...or sooner if I can manage it in.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

I Feel It....Without a Doubt

Yesterday at my appointment with my midwife she asked if I was feeling the baby move. I told her I was pretty sure that this last week I had been able to distinguish between the baby moving and well, you know...gas. Quite a few times today I have felt the baby move and I am so thankful! It is so nice to know, without a doubt, that those little flutters are what I thought they were :0)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In Christ Alone

This song by Stuart Townsend has been so powerful in my life this week. It is powerful anytime, but especially as I walk this recent path of trusting, hoping and persevering in the life the Lord has placed me in. If you have time, stop and listen. The images are from the movie The Passion, so use your own discretion with littles around. You can scroll up a little so only the words show and they can read along without seeing the images if you prefer.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Interests to Pursue in 2008

I like to keep a running list of interests to research and endeavors to pursue. I add to this list constantly and cross items off as I feel I have exhausted them for the time being, or they are no longer interesting. I reflect on my list in December and January, mostly due to the amount of time spent indoors, and try to prioritize it for the upcoming year. It is already March and I have been doing some research on the topics listed below. As you can see from some of the areas of study...I am focused on the little one in my womb. My formal studies were centered on public health and this is always a topic of interest to me. I don't list it since it is a constant. In no particular order:

  • cake decorating
  • cloth diapering
  • organic gardening
  • homemade baby food
  • whole foods cooking
  • baking bread: flour mill, bread machine
  • organizing
  • crafts to make
  • money making tools/adventures

What interests are you pursuing in this season of your life...or do you have any great links to any of the items I am looking into?