Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Shelves are Stocked

The shelves are now stocked and the top of the refridgerator, end of the dining table, and my husband thank me! I tried to organize it in a way that would make it easy for the kids (and myself) to get to what they need and put it back easily. And lest you think I have a myriad of salvaged items stocked up somewhere, though that would be nice if I had a large shed, (inspiration can strike at any moment around here :0) I don't. The last salvaged item I can think of that I have on hand is a collection of old, mismatched, silverware. Any suggestions, other than the standard fork recipe holder? My mom's birthday is in April and I would like to possibly use them in a gift for her.


Make the Moments Count said...

If you bend the old silverware into a 'U' Shape, and attach the handle part to your window, they make neat kitchen curtain tie-backs. Also, I've seen them bent in a 'J' shape and used as hooks for tea towels. Just a few ideas. I love the bookshelf, btw!

Mrs. Byers said...

Thanks for the ideas! I'm not sure if they will work for my mom...but they might work for me instead :0)

Katie said...

erica- hopefully this comment won't come through 3 times but i am having a hard time posting it.

firstly i would never call a homemake fork recipe holder 'standard'. i remain in awe of your craftiness. wished we lived closer that we could recycle our 'junk' together and have fun craft afternoons. then i could take the kids on "miss katie field trips" and bring them back all loaded up on sugar :-) miss you! katie

Mrs. Byers said...

Hey there, I did get all three posts, but had to post the one with "miss katie field trips" :0) Corin still asks when the boy Iverson and girl Iverson are going to come visit again. I told her I think it is our turn next...or to meet 1/2 way. Did we ever find out if there is any fun place 1/2 way between central PA and central IA??? love you!

Anonymous said...

I think this is an older post, but I have seen forks made into windchimes and they are so pretty and unique!
I found you by way of The Sparrow's Nest.
Love your shelf!! I am also a mom to 2 with one on the way and plans to homeschool...
athomeelise (at) yahoo (dot) com