Friday, February 15, 2008

Frugal Friday: The Craft Cupboard

No, this isn't my craft's from Martha Stewart dot com. Mine is not nearly as organized...nor as pretty. But after reading Mrs. Wilt's post on her " craft stash" it got me thinking. My stash is rather large right now and full of varied mediums. There is a lot of fabric, paint supplies, paper and card making supplies, as well as buttons and ribbons. I am reminded of how many people "use up and make do" and think the kids and I will do just that with our craft supplies. As we organize our stash of items this weekend, I am going to challenge them to make a list of all the crafts we can complete without purchasing a single item from the store...and then set to work over the next few weeks to get them accomplished. I will post a list of items we come up with next week on Frugal Friday. We have several birthdays coming up in our family and I believe we can create some really frugal, practical and enjoyable gifts with the items we have right here. I challenge you to do the same and then come back and share with me...maybe it will give us some new inspiration with our own "stash." Frugal Friday is hosted by Crystal at Biblical Womanhood...head on over and get some more great frugal ideas.


Earthmommy said...

We have a huge stash of craft supplies, mostly from my job at Michael's over the last four years. Now that I am no longer working, we will need to use what we have on hand, so we are in the prganizing process too. Have fun!!

Kelly said...

I love card-making and crafts, Mrs. Byers! And I loooove me some Martha inspiration! You'll have to post your finished projects for the bdays that are coming up. :o) Hope you guys are having good weather today! Rainy and dreary here, blech!