Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Long Hiatus

Hello all! I did not plan on being away from my blog for 6 weeks!!!! My adventure out west to visit family and friends went very well and was bittersweet as I had expected. Here is an updated picture of my little ones (the 7yr. old not so little anymore) in my parent's front garden.

Upon returning I plumped right up in all of my extremeties with the east coast humidity and am thankful to have gone back to "normal" with the exceptionally cool weather this week :0) I have never experienced pregnancy and humidity at the same time...and I do believe they are not friends, for they do not work together very well!

With approximately nine weeks left until the "due date," you can assume where my efforts will be! I hope to post a few pictures each day of our trip and get back into blogging more regularly. Up and coming as well are the crafts for the Pre-K through 2nd graders for VBS next week. I truly enjoy working each night's verse into the craft somehow, using the suggestions from the publisher. I think many of them could be adapted to verses you may be teaching your own littles at home and most reuse household items or are made with inexpensive craft items. Looking forward to being back!!!

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